Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the “Route 1 Ride”?  The Route 1 Ride is a circulator-style bus service that runs the entire length of Route 1 inside the Capital Beltway from Mount Rainier near the District line to IKEA in North College Park.  The purpose of this bus service is to reduce traffic and congestion along this section of Route 1, assist and celebrate the revitalization of the Route 1 Corridor while providing contemporary art in motion to passengers and passer-bys.     


You mentioned “contemporary art in motion”; are these buses to look any different than the standard ones Prince George’s County has now?  Absolutely!  We will have three Route 1 Ride buses that service the Corridor wrapped in an arts-like theme designed by a local artist.


When does the Route 1 Ride operate and how frequently does it make stops?  The Route 1 Ride operates Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM to 8:05 PM.  We have three buses running the route, and they arrive at stops every 30 minutes.


Are there plans to have the buses operate later in the evening and on weekends?  Yes, as ridership grows and there is demand, we hope to increase the hours and add weekend service for the convenience of our customers.


Are bus stops close by and convenient for passengers?  We have over 75 bus stops on the Route 1 Ride service area.  All are easy walking distance to Route 1 and the College Park Metro.


Can I use the Nextbus app. to find when a bus will be arriving at a particular stop?  Yes.  First open NextBusUnder “Transit System”, go to “Maryland”, “Prince George’s County”, then “Route 17”.  Our website also has a real-time bus tracking link.


How much does it cost to ride on the Route 1 Ride?  Just $1.25 to ride our bus.  SmarTrip Metro Cards accepted.  If you are a senior over 60, physically challenged (disabled), children under 5, or a K-12 county student riding between 2-7 PM, the ride is free.  Just show proper identification.


Can I bring my bike on the Route 1 Ride bus?   Absolutely. Two bike racks are on the front of the bus. These are great for getting out to our local trails too!


What is there to see or do on Route 1 besides a few restaurants and the University?  Route 1 has a wealth of things to do.  Our motto is “Arts & Entertainment, Food, Shopping”- patrons of the Route 1 Ride can be taken to dance studios, art exhibits, cultural venues, as well as a wide array of eateries and specialty shops.  Get a copy of the “Explore the Corridor” brochure at virtually any venue on the Route 1 to see what this area has to offer. For a list of online events calendars, click here.


Your buses have sponsors on them.  How can we become a sponsor?  Get in touch with is on the “Contact Us” link on this website.

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